Bottles' Daughter, Speccy the MoleEdit

Speccy the mole

Speccy the Mole

Found in one of the rooms in Bottles the Mole's House near Jinjo Village, talk to Speccy and she will give you Bottles' prototype Amaze-O-Gaze Goggles that allow the player, when in Banjo's eyes, to zoom in and out. This is very useful when shooting eggs from a distance, or looking around a world to find something from a high point in the world, like if you are trying to find something in Terrydactyland. You don't actually need the goggles, but they are helpful.


  • Speccy has a poster of Juno from Jet Force Gemeni, a game by Rareware, hanging in her room.
  • Speccy's name is a play on the world "Specs" because of her glasses.