Jiggywiggy's StoryEdit

Master Jiggywiggy

Master Jiggywiggy

The master of the Jiggy and the protector of the great Crystal Jiggy, Master Jiggywiggy is the only person Banjo and Kazooie can go to to open up the 9 worlds of Isle o Hags. Once the duo collects a certain number of Jiggies, they can enter Jiggywiggy's Temple and approach the golden monolith to attempt a jigsaw puzzle with 20 pieces in order to open up the worlds. His head is shaped like a Jiggy, like his door man, the Disciple of Jiggywiggy. Jiggywiggy is said to be the only one capable of unlocking the true power of the great Crystal Jiggy.


  • Jiggywiggy has a doorman that looks very much like him, but with a difference in height and clothing features.
  • The doorman tells the duo "only food purchased at McJiggy's can be eaten inside" when they talk to him, McJiggy's is a play on McDonalds, a popular fast food restaraunt.
  • Jiggywiggy has 8 signs inside his temple, and all of them say, "When fortune smiles, the jiggy secrets will be written here.". To reveal these signs, go behind Jiggywiggy and walk through the wall behind him. There are 3 signs, one says "Witchyworld is where fortune smiles upon you.", which is telling you to go to the fortune tent in Witchy World. The fortune tent person sometimes will tell you to GETJIGGY, which is a code to enter in the Mayahem Code Chamber to make all the signs in Jiggywiggy's temple tell you how to get every jiggy in every world. One other sign of the three in the back says, "Egg container followed by Jingaling?", which is supposed to mean NEST followed by KING, so NESTKING, which is a cheat that you can also enter in the Mayahem Code Chamber to get infinite eggs and feathers.