Greetings From Jinjo VillageEdit

Jinjo village

4 of the 9 Jinjo houses and the destroyed Grey Jinjo house

Imagine a quiet little town with only 10 houses, a throne room, and a small sandy area with an alcove in it. This is Jinjo Village, it was the home to 10 Jinjo families until Grunty's sisters, Mingella and Blobbelda, came crashing through in their giant digger machine, Hag 1. Now, there are monsters roaming around, theres big ugly digger tracks going straight through the village, and straight through the Grey Jinjo family house! Now there are only 9 houses, and 9 Jinjo families. Except, the Jinjos were all scared off by Hag 1, and now they are hiding all over Isle o Hags, waiting for Banjo and Kazooie to come along to give them the "all clear" signal so they can return. There are 46 Jinjos to find and return (see the Jinjo page for info on all the Jinjo families) while the player is exploring. Every time a Jinjo family is completed, the player gets a Jiggy, so there are 9 Jiggies in all from the Jinjos. Jinjo Village also links to Bottles the Mole's house, which is how the duo gets to Wooded Hollow to see Master Jiggywiggy.

Things to do while visiting Jinjo VillageEdit

  1. Get the Treble Clef - It is on top of the Red Jinjo house, jump on top of the door, then Back-Flip onto the roof to get it.
  2. Meet King Jingaling before he dies - You don't really have a choice on this one, he gives you your first Jiggy.
  3. Talk to Speccy in Bottles' House - She gives you the Amaze-O-Gaze Goggles.
  4. Visit Zombie Jingaling - If you are stuck on beating a boss, stand around in King Jingaling's Throne Room while he is still a zombie and he will occasionally tell you secrets about the game's various bosses. Make sure you don't let Zombie Jingaling touch you, he may be a good guy but in death he can hurt you.
  5. Open up Jam Jars' First Silo - The first of 7 silos in the game, used for quick transportation around Isle o Hags.
  6. Get 1 of the 3 B-K Cartridges - Find it in an icy cave that you can Grip Grab to in the sandy area.