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A Jiggy

Jiggies are Banjo and Kazooie's main goal in Banjo-Tooie. They are golden jigsaw pieces that are needed to enter Master Jiggywiggy's temple and also to unlock new worlds. There are 10 Jiggies in each of the 8 game worlds, and 10 Jiggies in Isle o Hags, one for each of the completed 9 Jinjo families, and one Jiggy that King Jingaling gives you in the very beginning of the game.

Isle o Hags: 10 Jiggies (1 from each Jinjo family, 1 given to you by King Jingaling)

Mayahem Temple: 10 Jiggies

Glitter Gulch Mine:10 Jiggies

Witchy World: 10 Jiggies

Jolly Roger's Lagoon: 10 Jiggies

Terrydactyland: 10 Jiggies

Grunty Industries: 10 Jiggies

Hailfire Peaks: 10 Jiggies

Cloud Cuckoo Land: 10 Jiggies

Cauldron Keep: No Jiggies!

Add them all together and there are 90 Jiggies in total.