Isle o HagsEdit

270px-Isle O Hags

The Isle o Hags map

Isle o Hags serves as the hub world in Banjo-Tooie. It is an island with a twisting mountain complete with a moat, a volcano and an ice crater, a prehistoric-age land, a demented and dangerous theme park, a huge lagoon with a glorious underside, a gigantic gem mine, a Mayan-themed temple, a small village that is home to magical creatures, a huge anti-environment factory, and above that all is higher than where the birds soar in the heavens.
Isle O' Hags Labeled Map

Labeled map of the Isle O' Hags

Unlike Banjo-Kazooie, in B-T, the player can actually leave Spiral Mountain and explore the rest of the world. Isle o Hags has 19 worlds total. 9 worlds, plus the 9 worlds in Grunty's old lair, and Showdown Town. There are only 9 worlds accessible in B-T, however. Those worlds will be explained in great detail now.

Points of InterestEdit

Jinjo Village

Wooded Hollow


Pine Grove

Cliff Top



Moves LearnedEdit



  • Given to you by Jingaling the first time you talk to him
  • 1 Jiggy for each completed Jinjo family... 9 families, 9 Jiggies




  • Train Switch: Near the train station on the Cliff Top, Grip Grab onto the ledge and climb to the left
  • Bridge Switch: Near the Jolly Roger's Lagoon entrance there is a path that extends down the cliff, at the bottom there is a switch that extends a bridge to the Hailfire Peaks entrance.

Empty HoneycombsEdit



  • Isle o Hags seems to be in the shape of the icon next to the health bar from Banjo-Kazooie.
  • Cloud Cuckoo Land is a lot bigger than it appears, as it is over Terrydactyland (the ring in the top center) and Hailfire Peaks (the red and blue mountain in the bottom right).