Jam Jar's StoryEdit

Drill seargent jam jars the mole

Drill Sergeant Jam Jars

Drill Sergeant Jam Jars the Mole takes up Bottles' role of teaching Banjo and Kazooie new moves in their second adventure. He is Bottles' brother, and he lives in an interconnected system of silos all over the game. In fact, Jam Jar's silos are used as a replacement for the color coded cauldrons in Grunty's Lair. They are also much easier to use and very much easier to find than the cauldrons were. Also, learning moves with Jam Jars is more fun because they rhyme, they're catchy.

Example: Breegull Blaster at Mayahem Temple

Here's a move that's a load of fun,

now use Kazooie as a hand-held gun!

Z fires eggs both high and low,

Targitzan's Temple in you can go!


  • Jam Jars' name could have come from the first game when Kazooie called Bottles this name at his first molehill in Spiral Mountain.
  • Jam Jars' will sometime fail to escape into his silo after teaching moves to Banjo and Kazooie, when he jumps in the air above the open silo, but the hatch closes before he gets into.
  • Kazooie calls Jam Jars most of the names she used to call Bottles. Beatle Breath, etc.