Enter the DragonEdit

Dragon Kazooie

Dragon Kazooie

Banjo the Honey Bear's feathered friend, Kazooie the Red-Crested Breegull, is about to become a green-scaled fire breathing dragon! Dragon Kazooie has unique abilities that regular Kazooie does not. If you are standing still with regular Kazooie and you press B, you perform the Rat-a-Tat Rap. As Dragon Kazooie, if you are standing still and you hold B, you perform Fire Breath. Dragon Kazooie can breath fire for as long as the player holds B. Dragon Kazooie also has an infinite number of Fire Eggs, which can be very useful in the final battle against Hag 1 if you run out of regular eggs.


  • Even though Kazooie's outward appearence changes, her shadow when with Banjo stays the same. When on her own, the shadow conforms to her dragon-like appearence.
  • Also, Kazooie's breegull voice drops about a pitch when in dragon form, but her talking voice stays the same.