Bottles' StoryEdit

Bottles the mole

Bottles the Mole

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Bottles' Ghost outside Banjo's Destroyed House

Bottles is a mole that lives in a burrow that connects to Jinjo Village on one side and Wooded Hollow on the other side. He lives with his wife, Mrs. Bottles, his daughter Speccy, and his son, Goggles. Bottles is the guy who taught Banjo and Kazooie their original moves in Banjo-Kazooie, but Bottles dies before the first cutscene is even over! Who will teach the duo moves now? Leave that role to Drill Sergeant Jam Jars The Mole, who is Bottles' cousin. Bottles is brought back to life at the end of the game, along with King Jingaling.


  • Even though Bottles was not killed by the Big O Blaster like King Jingaling, he is brought back to life with it along with the Jinjo King at the end of the game before the final battle. It is a mystery where the extra life force to bring back Bottles came from, but it is presumed that B.O.B. had done enough charging by that point to bring back more than just Jingaling.
  • His name origin is probably because of the glasses he wears which are big and thick, which are usually called "Coke-Bottle Glasses".
  • Both of Bottles' kids wear glasses and have names to fit: Speccy like "Specs" and Goggles like, well, goggles!